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The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only a Page.

India Tales

India Tales is all about a simple and happy soul who is a foodie and loves to travel. Though I’m very talkative, I can say a lot about exploring things especially Food and travel but here I will share about me only, about my passion for travel and food.

It was the last tour of my graduation in 2016, tour to Rajasthan (Jaipur, Ajmer, and Pushkar) when friends were busy in creating memories, I was exploring things over there.

Hi, I’m Simranjeet Kaur, a happy soul, an Instagrammer but my friends call me BUNNY as I love discovering and exploring new things as same as the BUNNY of YJHD but to get this name, I have to travel a lot, explore a lot and discover a lot.

Trip to Rajasthan was the first time had an inkling of what India’s diversity even looked like.

Like other Travel Bloggers, I haven’t quit my job for the passion for travel. As I have worked with the corporate company from 2018 to 2020 Currently, I’m getting training in an IT company for SEO. but side by side I travel once in a month on new places no matter whether I’m travelling with my family, friends, ex-colleagues or a solo trip.

Being foodie too. I love to eat the special food for the new place where I travel. Dosa or biryani of South India, Naan, or chicken fry of North India, Dhokla and Rajbhog of West India and ghewar of east India always makes my mouth watery.

Where I’m up to now?

 Like other travellers, I had also planned to go Varanasi (Banaras ghat)  as I was exhausted with my daily routine of working life but due to corona pandemic, I had to cancelled my tour as the tourist places are off due. But with hoping for the best, I had searched on the best places to visit in India after this lockdown to relaxation and to give a new start to our daily life. 

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That’s my life now. I travel. I trek. I write and I take photographs. I  love sharing stories, that will tell you more about the new place I’m visiting rather than my own personal experience or my reaction to the experience. If it is about me only, then I must’ve gone hiking. I can’t shut up about mountains and the way they make me feel! 

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