The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Top 7 South India Food-Undeniable Reasons to Love

If food is getting served on Banana Leaf, that means you are in South India.

South India Food

South India food customarily combines the five Southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana, and Kerala have their own variants of common dishes as well as regional specialties. 

Both the geography and cultural influence of the South has an impact on the region’s food offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with each state holding its own uniqueness and food habits.

Tandoori, naan bread, butter chicken, and rich vegetable curries of North India are delicious, but these north Indian staples are just a division of the country’s diverse culinary contributions.

To get a more entire knowledge, you additionally necessitate heading south. South Indian food is vastly different – think steamed, spiced, and coconut-flavored.

The flow, smell, and the overwhelming flavor of south Indian food that can be seen solely over the world. Be it the sharp mixture of crispiness and eccentric fragrance in dosa or the Hyderabad biryani followed undeviatingly from the clay jar – any food you seek here is a delight to have. Dishes from the South are not only tasty to taste but additionally nutritious and absorbable.

Let us have a view of the numerous luxuries of various South India Food to get the scent of each region.

DOSA– Paper-thin Crepes

dosa india tales

Crusty, deep-fried, and superb,  this traditional south India food Dosa is made of the fermented rice-and-lentil dough is too great to be sure.

followed by sambar (a hot lentil soup) and coconut chutney, the dosa is the most famous South Indian food admired by people beyond the world. It is seen solely across India and in a few abroad peoples.
 Masala Dosa is listed as number 49 on “World’s 50 Most Delicious food compiled by CNN Go in 2011”.

There are various varieties of Dosas available both filled or plain that have garnered notable popularity as a South Indian specialty.

Idlis: Steamed rice cakes

idli india tales

Light, fuzzy, and ivory-colored, idlis are something many South India families have for breakfast.

A fermented lentil-and rice batter is heated in slight round shapes, and the resulting rounded rice cakes are subserved among sambar and chutneys.
light and mild-tasting, an ideal snack for when you want to give your stomach a rest from fiery flavors.

Vadas: delicious donuts


Crispy and sinful, this urad dal based meal is a love of several, also who can criticize them? Spruce it up including amazing coconut chutney and subserve piping hot.

Something’s that doughnut-like thing appearing on your South Indian thali (platter)? While a vada won’t preserve your sugar longings, it will gratify your craving for something deep-fried, hot, and crispy.

Made from a batter of black lentils, gently spiced with peppercorns, curry leaves, cumin, chilli and onion, that crunchy friedcake savors best if coated freely with coconut chutney.

Uttapams: pizza-pancake hybrids Related features

uttapam india tales

Light and scrummy, uttapam is a south India food, dosa-like preparation addressed with a batter of rice, dhuli urad dal, and fenugreek seeds. Once you give a try it, you’re assured to ask for again!

Is it a pancake or pizza? No, it’s an uttapam with the batter of fermented rice and lentils is ladled on to a grill. Chopped tomato, onion, chilies, coconut, carrot, and other toppings are then spattered on. The end is a fluffy, permeable, rich uttapam, lighter than a dosa, and feels great with chutneys or without.

Appam: Pancakes and stew


A few of ingredients is solely y’all necessitate to generate those mystic, fleecy appams! With a delicate and high center and a paper-thin exterior, you can lap up any curry with these lovely appams.

A well-known dish of Kerala which is a type of pancake formed of a fermented rice batter. It is favored while breakfast and dinner, which can be subserved with tanga pal (coconut milk) or with kurma as it is the chief element of this dish.

Puttu: Streamed rice cake.

Puttu aka “steamed rice cake” is another well-known South India food mainly a breakfast dish having cylinder shape cooked using rice flour and coconut.

Puttu is a steamed food, hence for weight lookouts and for people who health-conscious, this is a good food to eat as breakfast. You can have a variety of combinations, but rice Puttu is the easiest and common dish. You can consolidate with chickpea curry or any gravy. For a sweeter side dish, some people prefer having sugar.

Biryani: Something alike pilaf


The universal biryani is the most famous south India food is seen in different kinds solely across India, changing in flavor and preparation style according to regional influences.

Its a dish of rice cooked with meat, veggies, and spices such as turmeric, cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, and pepper; sometimes garnished with cashews, raisins plus caramelized onions. It can be vegetarian or have meats such as chicken, mutton, or beef.
There are different styles and variations of biriyani famous in each part of India. It can be made with meat as well as vegetables.

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We are assured that stirring up to these delectable South Indian dishes will make your tongue taste all the better. Let us know which one tops your list as a favorite dish option.

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